Custom Canvas Covers in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Canvas is a tough, weather resistant material that can be used in many ways. At Custom Canvas Unlimited, we design ideal customized canvas solutions that can be used for boat and vehicle covers, tarps and RV skirting. We are experts in creating custom canvas solutions for customers in and around Salt Lake City. No matter the size, shape or dimensions for your vehicle, boat or RV, Custom Canvas Unlimited can create a customized cover for you. From Bimini tops to canvas awnings, we can do it all.

Canvas Bimini Tops in Salt Lake City, Utah

During the long, hot summer there is nothing better than getting out on your boat and spending time on the water. However, you'll need shade with all that sun. That's where our custom canvas bimini tops come in handy. Designed from attractive, durable, practical canvas, these tops are the ideal solution if you want to be comfortable on your boat here in Utah. We can build and design any type of custom boat cover, so if you have a special order we can incorporate your ideas into the product.

Canvas Patio Enclosures in Salt Lake City, Utah

It's nice to use your deck or patio when the weather is good, but many of us still want to sit outside when conditions are less than ideal. With our custom patio enclosures, you'll be able to beat the Utah heat and seal out the elements to keep your patio protected. At Custom Canvas Unlimited, we can build customized patio screens, retractable awnings, canopies and much more. While we are located in Salt Lake City, we have the ability to offer clients on-site service in Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada and Colorado.

Canvas RV Skirting in Salt Lake City, Utah

If you own an RV in Salt Lake City, you need to use RV skirting to save energy and money. Our RV skirting can be custom designed to fit any RV, no matter what style, shape or size. At Custom Canvas Unlimited, our RV skirting designs aren't just visually appealing; they're made from the best materials with serious attention paid to craftsmanship and accuracy. If you add insulation, you can save up to 40 percent on propane costs. In addition to saving on fuel, you'll also free up extra space that allows you to carry extra items and store backup items. This will also make your RV lighter so that you save money on gas.