Custom Made Boat Covers

Elevate your houseboat or yacht to a new level with a durable and eye-catching canvas cover from Custom Canvas Unlimited. We use Sunbrella fabrics that are designed to be long-lasting, protecting you from rain, shine and wind. You can order custom-made boat covers, so they reflect your personality and look the way you want them to be for your water vehicle. Choose from various colors and have the material cut to fit your boat or yacht to its exact specifications. Protect your watercraft with a tough and effective custom-made yacht cover by sending our staff your custom order today.

Custom Canvas Covers for Boats and Yachts

When you hit the lake on your boat, you want to be covered by a fabric thick enough to bounce off sun rays and create some shade to relax under. Yet it would still be ideal if the canvas cover still had some breathability to repel water and prevent mold growth. That’s exactly what you get with the custom-made houseboat covers from Custom Canvas Unlimited. In addition to its superior functionality, you can make the boat cover your own by choosing from over 35 colors that won’t fade under various weather conditions.

Our custom-made yacht covers come complete with sturdy frames made of stainless steel or aluminum to ensure that they won’t bend or collapse in the wind. The canvas covers themselves also retain their shape, so there’s no stretching or shrinking of our reliable materials. You can’t find custom-made boat covers like ours anywhere else. We make unique canvas covers that are tailored to your individual preferences for both style and practicality.

Contact Us for Custom Made Covers

Custom Canvas Unlimited is a leading retailer of custom-made yacht covers that perform optimally in any weather and over the course of many years. Enjoy outings on your water vehicle like never before when you know you’re protected by a high-quality canvas cover. You can expect top-of-the-line materials, frames and exceptional resiliency with all of our canvas products. Whether you own a houseboat or yacht, we have the distinctive custom-made boat covers that will suit your tastes and needs. Place your order online now or call us at 801-671-7775 for more product information.

Custom made covers for houseboats