Custom Canvas Patio Covers & Shade Screens

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Canvas awnings and covers create shade in the summer, act as a defense in the winter and provide protection from the elements all year round. With a beautiful, custom-made canvas awning from Custom Canvas Unlimited, you can cover and screen off anything you want.

Decks and patios are a great place to spend time outside relaxing, playing, cooking, entertaining, the list of activities is endless. When the season grows warm, and the sun makes it unbearable to be outdoors, custom shade covers are a great way to create a more comfortable deck or patio. Having adequate protection from the heat means that you can spend more time outside enjoying your yard.

It’s a shame when you have the outdoor space to entertain, whether it’s on your deck or patio, but don’t utilize it because of the elements. With a custom awning and shade cover from Custom Canvas Unlimited covering your patio, you can entertain earlier in the day and keep the party going long into the night.

Awnings can be a decorative addition to the façade of your home or business and cut down on your energy bills. When you have an awning above your doors and windows it creates shade and prevents the sun from shining in. That helps keep your home or business a reasonable temperature and cut down on your cooling costs.

Quality Canvas & Awnings

When you invest in custom awnings or canvas covers from CCU, you can rest assured that you have a long-wearing, durable product that will withstand the elements. Exposure to the sun, snow, and wind can wear down canvas of lesser quality; or that is poorly constructed. You won’t have those problems with CCU; we use the highest quality canvas in everything we make. You will always get the look you want since our canvas is color safe, abrasion resistant and comes in a variety of colors.

Custom Canvas Comes to You

Custom Canvas Unlimited manufactures everything from our location in Salt Lake City, UT, however, our satellite services allow us to travel to you. This means we serve all of Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada and Colorado. We will measure and advise on the best way to cover your deck, patio, and pergolas, construct your custom cover and shade screen and then install it. Call CCU 801-671-7775 today for a list of services or to set up an appointment.

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