Custom Canvas Car Covers in Murray, UT

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Custom Canvas Unlimited specializes in making custom covers for your vehicle, no matter the make, model or size. With factories and store-fronts along the Wasatch Front, we service the Murray, UT, area, from our location at 6130 south 350 west. If you need a waterproof canvas car cover for your vehicle, call us!

There is much to consider when researching a fabric cover for your car. You would have to compare cost, durability and the cover’s ability to resist the weather. When you choose a cover from Custom Canvas Unlimited, you have all of those options and more. Our name says it all. We are your custom car cover manufacturer. If your car is an antique motor that needs extra TLC to keep it in tip-top condition, we have the expertise required to ensure that cover fits as snug as needed. Maybe you lack garage space and have to park your car outside year round. A custom cover from Custom Canvas Unlimited will shield your automobile from the elements as well as gravel that gets kicked up from other cars. Murray, in particular, has to be aware of the damaging effects of rock salt. Those in Utah know the destructive nature of this winter-time necessity. Protect your car from these scenarios and more with a custom canvas cover.

In Murray, UT, you would have to protect your car from the sweltering, hot summer months, and the freezing, snowy and icy winters. Our temperatures fluctuate from below zero into the hundreds. Cars need an added measure of protection here in Utah, the kind of protection that only a custom canvas cover can provide.

Our covers are waterproof, preventing moisture from seeping through the fabric and affecting the metal and paintwork of the car. Our canvas covers act as insulation to your vehicle, providing that little extra benefit that in the long run, aid in the lifespan of your car. When you choose Custom Canvas Unlimited to make your car cover, you also have the best manufacturers of canvas products in the West.

The Custom Canvas Difference

We provide high-quality canvas covers for cars, jeeps, trucks and other vehicles throughout Murray, UT. With Custom Canvas Unlimited, you get superior work and top-notch customer service. We are the number one provider of canvas coverings throughout Utah, Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming. Call 801-671-7775 to protect your car from the elements, bad weather, vandalism and other harmful scenarios. We promise to provide you with the best custom canvas cover for your vehicle.