Custom RV Canvas Skirting for Residents in Utah

Custom made RV and trailer skirting for Utah.

Does your camper or RV need better insulation? One of the best ways to improve your RV’s insulation is by getting a custom RV skirt. Custom Canvas Unlimited specializes in making the finest RV skirts that are available to customers across Utah. When it comes to designing an RV skirt, our experienced professionals are ready to make a product that you are truly proud to have. Our RV skirts are made to your specifications and we can also provide you with some guidance and suggestions for a better outcome.

The word custom is in our name, which means we are all about it! Custom Canvas Unlimited has fully customizable RV skirting solutions so that your skirt fits the shape, size, and style of your RV or camper. We can also match the skirting or even offset it with your RV or camper to make it visually pleasing. You can truly look to Custom Canvas Unlimited for the best services and overall customer satisfaction.

Should I Get an RV Skirt?

Are you wondering if your RV needs a custom skirt? Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine whether or not RV skirting solutions are right for you:

RV Skirting Solutions for You

RV skirting solutions that are catered to you will make your camper and RV aesthetically pleasing by providing it with a finished look. But most importantly, it will give you insulation so that you can regulate the temperature in your camper or RV better. No matter where you’re at in Utah, the temperatures can get cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Plus, during the spring and fall, the weather can turn on a dime. With an RV skirt, you can be ready for any weather. At Custom Canvas Unlimited, we can help you protect your camper or RV. Our RV canvas skirting can help you save approximately 40 percent on your propane costs. With custom RV skirting, you won’t need to be concerned about your plumbing pipes and lines freezing, plus it even allows for more storage and is a barrier for the undercarriage of your RV or camper. There are a lot of advantages when it comes to RV skirting solutions from Custom Canvas Unlimited.

Our custom-made RV skirting is made from durable, colorfast, abrasion-resistant canvas. It’s 18 ounces and comes in 35 different colors. With our RV skirting solutions, we will provide you additional length so that you can park on an unlevel surface and not have any gaps. Custom Canvas Unlimited guarantees a great fit with durable stainless steel twist-locking hardware. In addition, we sew a chain on the bottom hem so that you get a great seal from your RV skirting.

Get a Professional to Design Your RV Skirt

Here are some of the reasons you may consider getting custom RV canvas skirting from Custom Canvas Unlimited:

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