Custom Canvas Patio Covers in Salt Lake City, UT

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Do you have a porch or deck that is unusable because there is no shade? Could an awning improve the look of your home? If you live in the Salt Lake City area and want a custom patio cover, then turn to Custom Canvas Unlimited. Patio covers and custom canvas awnings make the perfect shade cover on your porch. With a beautiful, custom-made canvas awning, you can cover and screen off anything you want. An outdoor canvas awning creates a shaded place to relax and beat the summer heat. In addition, a custom awning for your deck or porch protects the space during the winter and provides year-round protection from all the elements. Custom Canvas Unlimited is the company to call if you live in the Salt Lake City, UT, area and want high-quality custom canvas awnings and outdoor patio covers.

Because we custom manufacture your patio covers or awnings, it will fit the precise measurements of your space, giving you the best possible coverage. You can get more use from your patio and porch with one of our custom canvas awnings.

Custom Canvas Awnings for Decks And Patios

As the seasons warm up and the sun is our longer through the day, you need practical shade coverings. Our custom patio awnings make it bearable to be outdoors even in the hottest months in Salt Lake. Custom patio covers are an excellent way to create a more enjoyable experience because you are comfortable and out of the sun. The list of outside activities grows when you can use your deck or patio. With a custom canvas covering, you protect your guests from the sun and its harmful UV rays. With a patio awning from Custom Canvas Unlimited, you can have a great place to spend time outside. Whether you are relaxing, playing, cooking, entertaining, or just spending time with friends and family, having high-quality protection from the heat means that you can spend more time outside enjoying your Salt Lake City, UT, yard.

Custom Patio Covers

It’s a shame having the outdoor space for entertaining and not being able to utilize it because of the elements, whether it’s on your deck or patio. With a custom awning and shade cover from Custom Canvas Unlimited covering on your patio, you can entertain earlier in the day and keep the party going throughout the night.

Having an underutilized patio or porch is a shame, especially when Custom Canvas Unlimited can create a custom shade cover for your home. We make it possible for you to entertain earlier in the day and keep the party going throughout the night, from early May through the beginning of November, and remain protected from the elements. A patio covering or a custom canvas awning can be one of the best purchases you make for your home in Salt Lake City this year. Additionally, shade helps keep your home at a reasonable temperature and cuts down on your cooling costs. With a custom patio cover, you have an awning that creates shade and prevents the sun from shining in any exposed windows.

Salt Lake City’s Premier Custom Canvas Company

Custom Canvas Unlimited manufactures everything from our location in Salt Lake City, UT. We have a meticulous process for constructing your custom canvas awnings and patio covers, so we know it fits perfectly. Plus, we use the highest quality canvas that withstands years of use and remains to look great every season. Call us at 801-671-7775 today for a list of services or to set up an appointment.

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